Open to young women & men from 12-18 years old

Why Join?

Learn more about our Cadet Programs.


  • Come to three regular squadron meetings (view the calendar)
  • Apply online with your parent(s) at a meeting
  • Pay yearly dues of $40

Are there additional costs?
Yes, though we try to minimize the cost to cadets (and parents) in several ways. First, the USAF provides us with a number of uniforms that we pass along to cadets. Second, the squadron conducts a number of fundraising activities throughout the year to offset costs.

Even so, cadets are generally responsible for

  • Food to and from special activities
  • Souveniers
  • Nominal charge for Wing and National events, such as encampment

What is the time commitment?
We have weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm. Cadets are expected to attend regularly.

As part of the Total Force of the USAF, the Civil Air Patrol conducts real-world missions on behalf of federal, state, and local agencies. If your cadet wants to participate in these missions, they will be required to train extensively and achieve important safety qualifications.

Ready to Join?

If you've met the requirements above, and have discussed your membership with the Squadron Commander and/or Deputy Commander of Cadets, you can submit your application online!


Senior Members

Adults serving their communities

Why join?
Since 1941, the citizen volunteers of Civil Air Patrol have provided essential support functions both the US Air Force and emergency services agencies at all levels.

CAP Senior Members serve as ground team members for SAR (Search & Rescue) operations, as pilots and mission photographers in post-disaster recovery, and help guide some of America's best young men and women.


  • Visit the squadron and learn more about the opportunities and responsibilities of Senior Members at NC-024
  • Complete an application and fingerprint card (at the Gaston County Sheriff's office)
  • Pay yearly dues of $67
Learn more at gocivilairpatrol.com 


Other Adult Opportunities

You can also be a part of the CAP community by becoming a Friend of CAP or an Educator Member.