Welcome to the Gastonia Composite Squadron (MER-NC-024)


Upcoming Events

all-day NC Encampment
NC Encampment
Jun 23 – Jun 30 all-day
NC Encampment
NC Encampment will begin on the 23rd of June and end with graduation on the 30th. Encampment is a week…
all-day WV Encampment
WV Encampment
Jul 7 – Jul 14 all-day
WV Encampment
WV Wing Encampment will start on the 7th of July and end with Graduation on the 14th. Encampment is a…
all-day Statewide SAREX
Statewide SAREX
Jul 21 all-day
Statewide SAREX
We will have a Statewide SAREX (Search And Rescue Exercise) on the 21st of July. A SAREX is training for Search…

Go Civil Air Patrol!

The Civil Air Patrol is a voluntary auxiliary of the United States Air Force with a humanitarian focus. We are open to anyone aged 12 or older. Adult members are called "Senior members" and youth are "Cadets".
Gastonia is home to a composite squadron, meaning we have both senior members and cadets actively participating.
If you have an interest in aerospace, a desire to serve your community, or want to develop your leadership skills in one of America's finest volunteer organizations, come visit our squadron on any regular Tuesday night meeting.

Our Mission

Chartered by Congress in 1941, the Civil Air Patrol is a civilian auxiliary of the USAF. In addition to supporting the Air Force and other federal agencies, CAP has three primary missions:

Aerospace Education

After WWII, air search and ground rescue became CAP’s primary operational mission, along with the education and training of “air-minded”…

Cadet Programs

Today’s Cadets are tomorrow’s leaders Open to youth ages 12-18, the Cadet Program is a year-round program where Cadets fly,…

Emergency Services

Growing from its World War II experience, the Civil Air Patrol continues to save lives and alleviate human suffering by…